SEN Trust Southend

SEN Trust Southend works closely with the Local Authority and importantly with parents and carers to meet the needs outlined in the Education Health Care Plans for those young people who need additional support and guidance to enable them to progress and whose needs are such that mainstream schools cannot provide for them

The four schools retain their own identity and meet the needs of different groups of pupils but work together on training, development, leadership and governance.  We will continue to work together to develop systems which can be shared across the schools, enabling them to continue to be good and outstanding provisions.

Each school has its own Headteacher and local Governing Body but there is also an overall Trust Board with Trustees and Members who have overall responsibility for the quality of education across the four schools.  The Trust has an Executive Headteacher, Mrs Jackie Mullan, who works part time in this role, to enable the partnership to work closely together and continue to meet the needs of the pupils within the area.


 To create an outstanding community of schools working collaboratively across Southend and South East Essex to enable pupils with Special Educational Needs to achieve their best and to enable them to move on to independence, making the most of their abilities.

 To be able to share expertise, resources and training across the schools whilst maintaining the individual ethos, status and character of the individual school.

 To provide a source of training, expertise and support for mainstream schools to enable the great majority of pupils with Special Educational Needs to remain in mainstream provision, where appropriate, with the correct support.

 To work within our community to ensure our young people are included, accepted and are part of the life of Southend/South East Essex.


 Valuing our young people – a voice for everyone.

 Ambition for our students – high aspirations – the sky is the limit.

 Accountability and transparency in our practices.

 Inclusivity – meeting the needs of the students, whatever the background.

 Rigour and challenge – leading to excellence in our practice.

 Community involvement – working with other services to meet the Special Educational Needs of
our young people and their families.